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Sonos Launches Radio HD with Dolly Parton, Ann Powers, More

Sonos has launched Sonos Radio HD, a subscription ad-free, high-definition streaming tier of Sonos Radio.

Priced at $7.99 per month, Sonos Radio HD launches in the US and UK with exclusive content in lossless, CD-quality audio.

As part of the HD launch, Dolly Parton will host Songteller Radio, an original station that will continually evolve with Dolly’s hits, favorite artists, and commentary on songs and moments from her career.

Other exclusive genre stations include the sounds of Nashville and Americana with NPR Music’s Ann Powers, sounds for sleep and relaxation and other in-depth content.

Sonos Radio is available in 16 countries including newly added availability in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, and Belgium.

Exclusive Stations Available On Sonos Radio HD

  • Sonos Radio HD artist-curated stations go more in-depth on the obsessions, inspirations, and nostalgic tracks plus interviews heard nowhere else. Sonos Radio HD will kick-off with Dolly Parton’s Songteller Radio, hosted and curated by Dolly. Hear more music and stories in Dolly’s first show on Sonos Radio, Songteller Special, available on the station and for listeners everywhere on Mixcloud. New Sonos Radio HD artist-curated stations will drop regularly, including five new stations in early 2021.
  • Deeper exploration into genres and music scenes with the help of curators and expert DJs including Nashville Now and Americana Ramble by Nashville-based music critic and author Ann Powers and iconic jazz performances on Unforgettable or Distant Kingdom for global retro R&B and soul.
  • Soundtracks for home debut as music has become the backdrop for cooking, working, and relaxing. Sonos Radio HD will highlight the physical and mental benefits of audio with original stations promoting mindfulness, productivity, and relaxation including The Inner NowChill Beats, and Mellow Morning.
  • Perfectly tuned sleep sounds with six sleep stations for any preference – white noise, pink noise, brown noise, rain, rainforest and piano – mastered by Sonos’ sound experience team and artist soundboard and tuned specifically for Sonos speakers for the most natural, calming sounds for a better night sleep. Fall asleep to the steady sound of rain without loops or interruptions, and set an alarm for a peaceful start to the day with Mellow Morning.
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