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Soundcloud Adds Artist Verification, Rotor Video App Discount

Soundcloud has finally followed the lead of most major streaming services to add artist verification.

A blue checkmark will begin rolling out on the profiles “of the most notable artists on SoundCloud.”

All creators can apply but as with many Soundcloud features, paying Pro Unlimited creators will get prioritized verification requests. Details here.

Soundcloud also just cut a deal to give those Pro Unlimited subscribers a 20% discount on AI-powered music video creation app Rotor’s new subscription plans.

The Rotor pitch:

Rotor is empowering users to make music videos online in a matter of minutes. After sign-up, the cloud-based AI tool enables the creation of videos in a few simple steps: upload your track, pick your video clips (your own or from the Rotor library), and choose an editing and effects style. Rotor listens to the music and cuts everything together for the artist, adjusting the timings of clips and effects based on the rhythm, tempo, and intensity of the track. A preview video is created and made available to purchase and download as is, or with further customization including added text, lyrics and changes to edits.

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