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6 Important 2020 Takeaways For Musicians

2020 has been many things, and while most of them aren’t great, it has been, for many in the music industry, and educational year. In this piece we look at six important lessons from 2020 artists can carry into the new year.

Guest post by James Shotwell of Haulix

As we prepare to leave 2020, it’s time we look back and see what musicians everywhere can learn from this wild, unpredictable year.

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You overcame the monster known as 2020 and will most likely live to tell others of your experiences. You are an artist or industry professional who watched the music business crumple like discarded paper but kept on keeping on despite all signs that any semblance of normalcy will return anytime soon. You are a fighter, and we applaud your continuing efforts to make moves while the entertainment industry remains stuck in the mud.

It’s easy to complain about the last ten months. We’ve become quite good at criticizing this year and many of the people living through it alongside us, but today, we want to do something different. As much as this year has hurt, it has also taught us a great deal about the music business and what it takes to keep our heads above water. We are all better off for having gone through this experience, or at least, we hope that is the case.

In this Music Biz update, host James Shotwell reflects on 2020 and the lessons learned from existing through it. He urges artists to apply the takeaways from the last twelve months to the future. REMEMBER: Our time is limited, but our capacity for growth is endless.

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