Guide To SEO For Musicians

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a key part of music discovery for bands and artists and, with some tweaking, will help ensure that your content organically draws in traffic.

In this recent guide from MusicThinkTank, Jonathan Blake offers some advice on how musicians can get search engine optimization working for them.

“Anytime you produce online content it is vital that you identify the most relevant and fruitful keywords. Research keywords that are used to find music similar to use, such as popular artists, hit or genre terms. Once you have these keywords they need to be input in your metadata and on-page content. Add synonyms, relevant words and keyword stems.

Warning: Be careful not to over-do it! Many search engines view “keyword stuffing” as a seriously bad tactic. If you get caught doing this, which you will, the search engines will punish your content, perhaps permanently!”

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