How To Improve Your Holiday Marketing Emails

For musicians, the Holiday Season is the ideal time to crank your marketing into high gear! Here, we look at how to tweak your marketing emails to up your engagement and make more sales!

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

The holiday season is coming in hot! (or cold, I guess?) That means it’s time to amp up your email marketing strategy. Want to increase your engagement and make more sales? Here’s how your emails can do just that…

How To Improve Your Holiday Marketing Emails

Start Early

Consider starting your holiday email marketing campaigns between November 1st and 30th. According to year’s past, that’s when the most people open holiday marketing emails. After that, open rates start to drop.

Limited Time Offers 

Everybody loves a good deal, and the holidays are the ultimate spending time of the year. As malls gear up for Black Friday, run some deals of your own!

  • Discount select merchandise
  • Sell a limited run of prints, CD’s, Vinyl, etc.
  • Holiday bundles (An array of products that you can sell as one package deal. i.e. themed merch, holiday candy, limited edition vinyl, socks, all in one for a set price.)

Make it special! — 10% off last seasons T-shirts isn’t going to cut it. Make it an offer your fans just can’t pass up.

Give Away Free Shit 

Give back to your dedicated email list with a free gift for the holidays! Include a personal video wishing your subscribers a happy new year, offer a free download of your latest single, or even send a virtual e-card.

Providing a personal message is a great way engage your audience and give back for all the support they’ve given you this year. Providing a personal message is a great way engage your audience and give back for all the support they’ve given you this year. Click To Tweet


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Spice Up Your Emails 

Let’s face it, if your emails stay exactly the same every time, your fans are going to get bored. Stand out by changing up the vibe of your emails during this time of year.

  • Switch up the font.
  • Change the colors.
  • Add some festive holiday images.

Keep in mind: Not everyone celebrates the same holidays. Sending strictly Christmas (or any one holiday) messages can be interpreted as insensitive and neglect chunks of your audience that deserve love, too. // Everyone wants to feel included.The holidays are about togetherness, damnit! 

Send Follow-Up Emails

Like I mentioned earlier, we all get spammed with emails during the holiday season. However, people are busy. We’re decorating, buying gifts, doing festive holiday shenanigans. It’s not unlikely that your emails get overlooked.

It doesn’t hurt to send a couple emails to those who haven’t opened the first one. Don’t just send it and forget it.

  • If you’re offering limited time deals, send emails reminding them it’s about to expire.
  • Re-send that holiday single you sent the first time.
  • Send the link to your exclusive run of vinyl again.

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In Conclusion…

As much as this may hurt your heart a little, your email subscribers aren’t only subscribed to you. We all get spammed with holiday emails at this time of year.  Do your best to stand out.

The holidays are meant to bring us all together, no matter what holidays we celebrate. Make sure your emails are inclusive! you don’t want to leave anyone out. This year more than ever, we all deserve some extra love.

Good luck!

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