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Indie Labels Urged To Participate In MIDiA’s ‘Definitive’ Global Survey

MIDiA is conducting a major study of independent label revenue and all are urged to participate.

MIDiA conducted this survey for years on behalf of the Worldwide Independent Network and is now doing it independently for 2020. 

Why is this survey so important?

The most common method used to determine the global market share of independent labels is to take total recorded music revenues from MIDiA or the IFPI and then deduct the revenues of the major labels. But that method under-represents the value of independents because many indie labels are either distributed directly via majors or wholly-owned distribution arms like the Orchard.

That means that independent label revenue appears within major label revenue.

Although MIDiA’s figure is higher than the IFPI’s to reflect the latter’s under-reporting of independents, the method still under-represents independents whichever total market figure is used.

MIDiA is calling on all independent labels, of whatever size and geography, to complete the survey which can be found here.

Learn more about the survey here.

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