Spotify Expands Songwriters Hub To Feature More Creators

Spotify has officially launched its Songwriters Hub providing a destination to discover the creators behind songs. Since Songwriter Pages launched in beta in February, songs with clickable songwriting credits have accumulated more than 127 billion streams on the streamer.

The hub includes a collection of “Written By” playlists, songwriting-focused podcasts, popular songwriter playlists, and a rotating slate of featured songwriters and releases, and shelves dedicated to holidays and cultural moments.

Newly launched Songwriter Pages including Gregg Wattenberg, Ant Clemons, Noonie Bao, Sia, Bebe Rexha, Irving Berlin, and Ashley Gorley join pages for Meghan Trainor, Fraser T Smith, Missy Elliott, Teddy Geiger, Ben Billions, Justin Tranter, and more. 

How to access the Songwriters Hub

How to access Songwriter Pages:

  • Right-click on a track (or, if you’re on mobile, tap the “…” next to the track) 
  • Hit “Song Credits”
  • Select a clickable songwriter’s name
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