The End Of Facebook Music Advertising?

As Apple gears up to release its iOS 14 update, those orbiting in the digital marketing sphere as prophesying a potential end to Facebook advertising as we know it.

Guest post by John Oszajca of Music Marketing Manifesto

Many in the digital marketing space are suggesting that Apple’s coming iOS 14 update will mean the end of Facebook Advertising as we know it.

Spoiler alert… It’s not. But there are things you NEED to know.

In a nutshell, apple will soon be asking all app users if they are willing to allow their data to be tracked (such as is pictured in the image above). It is presumed that most people will decline. This means that Facebook will not have access to much of the data that it has historically relied on to target audiences, optimize ads, and track conversions. This has many advertisers shaking in their boots.

In episode #44 of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast I will explain what this update means to you as a musician, and what you can do RIGHT NOW to protect yourself for the imminent update.

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  2. Lets look at the bright side- there is a huge market for android outside of USA. Facebook music marketing will exist outside Apple ecosystem. Music advertisement wont go anytime soon.

  3. Thank you for sharing the most informative post about “Apple gears up to release its iOS 14 update” I was feeling aggressive to read this article why “The End Of Facebook Music Advertising?”.

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