7 Things Musicians Ought To Be Investing Money In

Like with running any small time business, being a musician full time means you need to be smart about where you sink your money. Here, we look at seven of the most important things every artist should be investing their money in.

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

Your music is your business, and every great business owner invests in their craft. To make music a full-time gig, artists need to take advantage of every revenue stream available. Learning to make smart investments will not only help you secure a stable income, but also increase your chances of making it in this industry and give you more time to focus on what really matters… making great music.

7 Things Musicians Should Be Investing Money In

Great Branding

Branding is everything. Aside from your actual music, your brand is what makes you unique. It’s what sets you apart from a landscape that is oversaturated with talent and jam-packed with artisans just like you.

Your branding is what connects you to your audience and secures your space in whatever niche you fall into. Great branding can get you press coverage, sell concert tickets, increase engagement on social media, and really make a name for yourself in this crazy industry.

Not sure where to start? Ask yourself:

  • “Why do you do what you do?”
  • “What makes you unique?”
  • “What do you represent as an artist?”

Whether you’re a British Death-Metal group or a Folk-Funk duo from Tennessee, your branding should not only represent you, but strengthen what your sound already does.


Mixing isn’t the last step of the production process! Proper mastering is a crucial step artists tend to skip all too often. Quality mastering ensures your music will sound the best it possibly can wherever it gets played. — Think of mastering as the icing on the cake.

We understand the need for great quality mastering at a low cost. So, we’ve started offering professional mastering services through Symphonic. Our engineers have over 10 years of production experience in recording, mixing, and mastering. Our team has worked as producers and engineers in the EDM, Latin, and Hip-Hop fields and have mixed and mastered Rock, Alternative, and many other genres, ensuring that you get the perfect sound for your project.

Mastering services with Symphonic includes:

  • Cost-effective packages.
  • Discounted pricing in bulk.
  • Necessary mid-side EQ application.
  • perfected imaging to sound great on any system.
  • No muddiness. Brightening the mix.
  • Optional 48-hour rush delivery, and so much more.

Are you a producer looking to make more money? Check out, “Useful Tools to Generate More Income As A Producer” in the meantime.


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High Quality Imagery

As we’ve all heard a hundred times before, first impressions are everything. When promoters, booking agents, managers, fans, etc. see a picture of you online, you want that photo to accurately represent you. Having great quality photos (and videos) of you and/or your band could be what makes or breaks your chance of being booked at that amazing venue or signing a deal with that perfect indie label.

Don’t limit your chances of getting that next amazing opportunity by having a low quality online presence. Make sure your photos and videography are professional quality to ensure your first impression is a good one.

  • Hiring a professional to help you with this is a great start, but you should always make sure their vision aligns with yours beforehand. Your authenticity is what makes you stand out. When the time comes, you want to already be prepared with ideas and ready to collaborate to create something uniquely yours.

This imagery is what the industry will look to when considering you for bigger opportunities. — Put your best foot (and face) forward!


From social media ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to ads on platforms like Spotify or YouTube, you’ve got numerous opportunities to take advantage of. What it boils down to is where your audience currently consumes your content and where you want them to be.

Need some help? Check out these helpful resources to get you started:


You’re never too old or too good to learn something new. Even the best of the best are constantly learning how to be better. Whether it’s personal or professional, there’s always room for improvement. That’s where virtual conferences and online courses come in handy.

At our Virtual Music Industry Sessions, we featured an impressive lineup of panelists from Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, SiriusX, Beatport, FeatureFM, Songtrust, and ASCAP. From marketing, playlisting, and financing to distribution, data, and women in the music business, we covered it all. (For FREE, by the way.)

Virtual conferences aren’t the only source of information to soak up. There are countless online courses you can take to improve your skills in any area. — “6 Courses To Level Up Your Social Media Game” is a great place to start.

Live Streaming Equipment

In an age of COVID-19, live streaming has taken over the music scene. With live streaming from home serving as the new age of concerts, it’s important to invest in good quality equipment. From choosing the right kind of microphone to the best streaming software, “How to Improve Your Live Streaming Audio” breaks down everything you need to know.

A Dedicated Team That Has Your Back.

Here at Symphonic, we dedicate every day to making sure artists like you have everything they need to succeed in this industry. From music distribution, marketing and playlisting to monetization and rights management, we offer a plethora of tools at your disposal with a team that has your back.

Our biggest priority is to empower the independent music community by providing access to personalized support, powerful technology, revenue channels, marketing, and the knowledge to help artists realize their fullest potential. // Click here to learn about our services and how we can help you reach the next level of your career.

You got this!

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