8 ways to improve your songwriting this year

While a fun and rewarding process on the occasions when it goes well, writing good music – like any skill – takes time to master. Here, we look at a few options on how you can up your songwriting game and take things to the next level in the coming year.

In this recent piece from MusicThinkTank, contributor Shaun Letang share eight helpful tips on what you can do to improve your songwriting in the coming year.

“Songwriting is a muscle and it must be exercised.

Sometimes you can fall into a rut and feel like you have nothing to say. So, I’m not talking about forcing the issue.

But in general, you should challenge yourself to write more. And, don’t try to turn every lyric or riff idea into a song. Not all your ideas will be good.

Choose topics you’ve never written about before. If you’re used to writing the music first, try writing lyrics first. If you never use metaphors in your lyrics, see if you can fit one in.

You never know where a new idea might take you.”

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