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Beatport DJ Charts: everything you need to know

If you’re curious about Beatport DJ Charts but haven’t yet taken the plunge, here’s everything you need to know about what the page is and how to get started using it.

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

Not on Beatport DJ Charts yet? — No problem. Here’s everything you need to know to get started…

Everything You Need To Know About Beatport DJ Charts

What is it?

The Beatport DJ Charts page is where you can get in front of the world’s largest audience of dance music fans with your own URL and custom page. The biggest DJs, labels, artists, and venues all over the world are already promoting themselves by creating Beatport DJ Charts, posting gigs, and sharing their Soundcloud and YouTube accounts.

How To Create a DJ Chart:

In order to create a DJ Chart, you must have music being sold on Beatport profile. Then, you can create a DJ Chart via your DJ profile. If you already have an established DJ profile, or are using one of your artists’ DJ profiles, create a chart by logging into that user account.

If you’re creating an account for the first time, you’ll be required to set up a new profile.

There are three main ways to find music for your chart via:


This means before creating your chart, you can browse the site and add music you like to your Shopping Cart. These can then be selected to populate a DJ chart. You’ll also be able to add tracks from your previous purchases. — In the chart view, all you have to do is drag and drop, remove, and preview tracks until you are content with your selection.

Want to learn more? // Click here to visit the site and get started…

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