DistroKid Artists Now Have Easy Access To Earn Money On Twitch

DistroKid has added easy access to the Twitch Affiliate monetization program.

The Twitch Affiliate Program is usually only open to Twitch streamers who stream frequently and meet select qualifications. It allows those who qualify to earn income on Twitch.

DistroKid worked with Twitch to extend easy Affiliate status to DistroKid clients.

There are three primary ways to earn money on Twitch:

  • Channel subscriptions — Earn revenue when someone pays for a subscription to your Twitch channel.
  • Bits — Virtual goods viewers use to “Cheer” a channel. When a viewer Cheers a channel with Bits, the streamer earns a share of the revenue.
  • Ad revenue — Twitch Affiliates earn a share of revenue from video ads played on their channel. Twitch Affiliates can determine the length and frequency of mid-roll ad breaks.\

To get started, DistroKid distributed artists can learn more here.

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