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Mick Jagger narrates ‘Your Room Will Be Ready’ video celebrating the power of live music [WATCH]

Released to celebrate the legendary Royal Albert Hall’s 150th anniversary, “Your Room Will Be Ready” is narrated by Mick Jagger, who reads from the W.H. Auden poem “For Friends Only.”

Royal Albert Hall (Photo by DAVID ILIFF / CC by SA 3.0)

BAFTA-nominee Tom Harper (‘The Aeronauts’, ‘Wild Rose’) directed the video, and Academy Award-winning composer Steven Price (‘Gravity’, ‘Fury’) scored “Your Room Will Be Ready.”

“Watch legendary moments in music history, alongside appearances from artists, athletes and activists, in this tribute to live music and performance… We can’t wait to start creating memories with world class performers and you, our audiences, once more. We’ve got more history to make.”

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