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MLC Has $424M In Unmatched Streaming Royalties To Pay Out

The Mechanical Licensing Collective has received $424 million in accrued unmatched royalties from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google, and other digital service providers.

$152 million of The $424 million collected by the MLC comes just from Spotify. But interestingly, a larger amount – $163 million – comes from Apple Music, which has far fewer users than Spotify.

20 DSPs (see below) have transferred accrued historical unmatched royalties to The MLC as required in order for them to seek the MMA’s limitation on liability for past infringement. 

The DSPs also delivered more than 1,800 data files with 1.3 terabytes and nine billion lines of data that show usage for each of the unmatched tracks. The MLC will now review and analyze to try to find and pay the proper copyright owners.

Here is an initial summary of the historical unmatched royalties by DSP:

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  1. Video streaming ALSO pay royalties via PRO’s.

    There are 2 “buckets’
    1) for private arrangements with PRO’s for some sites including instagram and facebook (plus others including youtube – outsideof their monetization pay policies); and

    2) Bucket 2 pays royalties for OTT Delivery of Music Videos that are watched on OTT Devices (Smart TVs, Cell phones, Ipads, Playstations, etc.)

    Been trying to ascertain how #2 works/who tracks/who pays/how to track, etc. The only substantial information we’ve found from our extensive research is in here:

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