Music productivity hack: IFTTT that will save you time and nerves

For artists looking for ways to be more productive (and aren’t we all) Sara-Lena Probst suggests the ultimate efficiency tool IFTTT – a free platform that helps all your products and services work better together.


Guest post by Sara-Lena Probst of BlackbirdPunk

Music productivity hack I promise you will never forget! Here’s the thing, you’ve probably already set up multiple digital platforms like Spotify or even a YouTube channel for your music.

Before you think twice you’ve got your hands full with managing all platforms. For example, making sure you always have fun and attractive Spotify playlists on your artist profile for your fans to delve into. Likewise, make sure you simultaneously tweet all your Instagram posts on Twitter.

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Make sure to automate tasks that you don’t necessarily need to do yourself.

Here’s the kicker, all that digital portfolio management can become really stressful. Besides writing songs and rehearsing your instrument you also need to look out for all the digital side of things.

I hear you, it all can become a little bit too much too soon. However, fear not!

Here is the ultimative music productivity hack for you! Simply use IF THIS THEN THAT!

IFTTT is a free platform that helps all your products and services work better together


Use If This Then That for all automation you can dream of

Basically, you can use IFTTT for connecting various services together in order to automate tasks. There are thousands of connections you can set up.

For example, if you have a YouTube channel you can set up an IFTTT connection so the YT channel automatically ads songs to a Spotify playlist. How can this be helpful? Well, lets’ just say you’re running a Spotify Artist Pick playlist on your official artist channel.

Then you need to update that playlist rather frequently, so your fans have something new to listen to every time they get to you. However, this can become quite time-consuming.

You can cut a corner and hook up your YT channel with your Spotify, that way you already have your newest songs on your Spotify list!

Likewise, you can also automatically send details from Spotify playlist entries to a Google Sheet. Super handy if you are running multiple playlists. Also, if you want to keep track of songs that you take out of a playlist.

Do you want to intensify your fan-relationships but you don’t have much time? You can set up a private Telegram chat with your Super Fans. Now, you can set up an IFTTT connection between Telegram and Spotify. Every time you add a new track to Spotify it gets published in the Telegram group. That way your fans always know first things first when to check out your Spotify. This can drive important engagement to your artist page as much as encourage your fans to share it over social media as well!

How does IFTTT actually help with music productivity?


This is crazy, you can set up any trigger (for example, Spotify) that will automatically start and action (for example, share a track to Telegram). Together the trigger and the action create the so-called recipe.

You can either use pre-produced recipes from other users or create or own one. There are endless opportunities for using IFTTT for music productivity!

Save Hours Marketing Your Music With IFTTT

There you have it, a simple yet effective trick to make the most out of your digital portfolio. Don’t hesitate and just set up the connections that make the most sense to you. That is the brilliant thing about IFTTT. You can really make it your own. Since every music project is so very individual this solution means you can really adapt it to your needs!

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