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10 NEW rules for going to shows post-COVID

“Yep. The rumors are true. Concerts are coming back, writes concert promoter Josh Smith, co-founder & talent buyer of Texas’s Banjos to Beats Productions. “But before we get started, here’s a handy guide on how things are gonna go.”

10 NEW rules for going to shows post-COVID

RULE #1: No guest list.
Don’t ask. Not now. Not ever. Everyone in the live music industry has been out of work for 13 months and we all need your support now more than ever. Buy the damn ticket.
RULE #2: Support local.
Before you buy that high priced ticket to see that big name artist at that big corporate venue, consider putting that money back into your own community. This is the best way to ensure that a thriving arts & culture scene will return to cities across America.
RULE #3: Wear a fucking mask.
If you’re going to a show, tiny cloth go over mouth & nose. Period.
Vaccinated? Don’t care.
Already had it? Don’t care.
Rona is a hoax? Also don’t care.
We only get one shot at restarting this machine. Please don’t be the one that fucks it up.
RULE #4: We are not babysitters.
We get it. Social distancing sucks. Masks suck. You’re tired of washing your hands. After more than a year of isolation, all you wanna do is lean in close and spew your spittle on friends and strangers alike.
But it’s been 13 months. You know the rules by now — please follow them.
RULE #5: No free drinks.
Don’t ask. Venues have been shut down for 13 months waiting for this moment. Support them.
RULE #6: Tip your bartender.
20% is ok. 25% is better. More than 25% is best. Anything under 20% is a non-starter.
RULE #7: Support the scene.
Can’t make the show? No problem. It costs $0.00 to support us in other ways.
Share the posts. Listen to the music. Invite your friends to the event page. In order for this to work, we need all hands on deck.
RULE #8: Be kind.
Look — it’s been awhile. We’re gonna be a little rusty. Plus, so much of what needs to happen in order to bring back live music safely is new for all of us — fans, venues, promoters and artists alike.
There will be hiccups. There will be lines. There will be unforeseen circumstances. Be nice anyway.
RULE #9: Go to the merch table.
Support the artists.
Buy the t-shirt.
RULE #10: Have fun.
You’ve been waiting for this moment for more than a year — so enjoy the fuck out of it.
Come out early. Stay out late.
Dance. Laugh. Make a new friend. Discover a new band.
Drink beer. Lose your shoes. Fight with your boyfriend in the parking lot. Make the Uber driver pull over so you can vomit on the side of the road. The world is your oyster.

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