8 Spotify stats that may make you rethink your career in music

Stats shared by Spotify over the last few weeks show just how difficult it is to build an audience and a career in music.

The sheer vastness of the content available already makes “getting above the noise” incredibly difficult, but it’s getting more daunting by the day.

  1. 60,000 – the number of tracks uploaded to Spotify every day
  2. 70 million – the number of tracks currently available on Spotify
  3. 4.5 billion – the number of Spotify playlists
  4. 50,000 – the hours of content uploaded to Spotify daily
  5. 5 years – the length of time it would take you to listen to the content uploaded to Spotify in a single day.
  6. 2 million – the number of podcasts vying for attention on Spotify
  7. 8 million – the number of creators on the platform
  8. 50 million – the number of creators Spotify predicts will be on the platform by 2025

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