Bandzoogle expands EPK options

Bandzoogle has expanded the capabilities of its EPK creation tool to fill a multitude of needs for artists of all sizes.

A good EPK contains everything the press and industry need to know about an artist, all on one page. This includes a bio, promotional photos, career highlights, press, awards, music, and more.

Musicians use their EPKs to get reviews and interviews, promote a new album or track, or book shows and live streams. 

Bandzoogle’s new expanded EPK options allow artists to choose from four preset templates: 

  • General EPK: Provides a professional online resume. 
  • EPK for Media: For pitching new music to blogs and other media for interviews and reviews.
  • Onesheet for Radio: To promote a single to radio, podcasts, and playlists. 
  • EPK for Venues: A press kit designed to help book shows.

Each EPK can now be exported as a downloadable file to email or print.

A downloadable EPK makes it easy to create a copy of promotional content in a nicely-designed format, ready for print or email. Since it is pulled from their Bandzoogle websites directly, the result is matched existing branding.

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