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Race for most popular US music streaming service is tightening, but Apple Music is NOT a contender, says new survey

Where do the people in the US listen to music? A new YouGov global study has answers.
44% of Americans say they use YouTube to listen to music followed by Spotify (27%), Pandora (25%), and Amazon Prime Music (24%) in a tight race for second place.

Apple Music and iHeart Radio tied for 5th with just 12% each.

Note that survey respondents could choose more than one answer. Younger Americans are more likely to stream music using both YouTube and Spotify while older Americans favor YouTube and Pandora.

The new YouGov global study tracked the impact of the pandemic on media consumption in 17 countries.

YouGov’s International Media Consumption Report 2021 examined the changes in how frequently people consumed media, including how listening habits shifted.

In the United States, for example, there was an acceleration of active listening (music streaming, podcasts) and a decrease in passive listening (radio) as people spent less time in cars.

Read the full YouGov report here.

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