TuneCore adds free educational programs, VIP service, and certified status

TuneCore has launched two new programs designed to empower independent artists: TuneCore Rewards and TuneCore Certified.

TuneCore Certified awards artists with digital plaques to celebrate milestones for total streams achieved by a single or an album. . The personalized awards are given when overall streaming stats reach 100 and go up to 1 billion streams. The badges are social media ready so that artists can easily share their streaming milestones.

Launching later this month, TuneCore Rewards is an educational program where artists can unlock rewards and VIP status through career education.

Free to TuneCore artists, early levels of TuneCore Rewards provide curated Master Class education videos from industry experts. They cover a wide range of key areas including: “Music Promotion”, “Social Media for Musicians,” and “Release Planning.”

Completion of the classes allows artists to receive credit and unlock points which can be used toward a variety of rewards and discounts.

Award levels are broken out into: New, Emerging, Rising, and Breakout, with two exclusive top tiers – Accelerator and Legend. Artists can bypass the first 3 tiers and reach the 4th level by either earning over $1,000 from their music or distributing 25 releases.

The Accelerator level offers 1 on 1 mentoring by TuneCore’s Artists and Partner Relations team.

Legend Status

The top level of the TuneCore Rewards program is Legend. These independent artists will gain access to the Artist and Partner Relations Team, VIP Artist Support & Content Review as well as exclusive education sessions and other benefits.

“We’ve loosely modeled the TuneCore Rewards program on those of airlines and hotels. The more you use and learn, the higher point level achieved, the more rewards you get,” stated Nicholas Krus, Senior Director of Client Marketing, TuneCore. “It’s the most thoughtful, value-driven program of its kind in the industry, and demonstrates TuneCore’s continued commitment to help artists grow their careers.”

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