TuneCore Expands Across Latin America

TuneCore has expanded operations across Latin America.

TuneCore LATAM will now support artists in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Spain.

It will be led by Bruno Duque, who started his career at Sony Music LA in the Latin Music Division. More recently, he was marketing manager at iMusica, a leading digital content distributor.

For the past six months, he has been leading TuneCore Brazil and will now expand his remit to the wider region.

“Latin America is a region rich and diverse in music,” said Bruno Duque. “Whether it is Puerto Rican reggaeton, Dominican merengue, Colombian cumbia, or myriad other genres, there is so much musical creativity going on in the region that not only deserves to be heard by a wider audience, but also deserves to generate revenue for the artists.”

Said Faryal Khan-Thompson, Vice President, International to whom Duque will report, “Independent music continues to grow in market share on a worldwide basis. In Latin America in particular, there are many local artists, popular in their own countries, with so much potential to appeal to audiences around the world. With TuneCore and Bruno on the ground in LATAM, we are able to localize our operations and communicate with these artists to support them both locally and globally.”

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