Emily White interviews Zoe Keating on ‘How to Build a Sustainable Music Career’ podcast

LISTEN NOW: Veteran music industry innovator Emily White has launched a new podcast, “How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams,” based on her #1 Amazon best-selling book of the same name.

Emily White is an industry veteran and Founding Partner at NYC’s Collective Entertainment which created #iVoted Festival – the largest single-night digital concert ever.

The first full episode of “How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams” is live featuring independent artist Zoë Keating in a conversation that White originally recorded for the foreword of the book. Hypebot published the interview to mark the release of the book.


Keating, well know for her thoughtful assessments of the industry as well as her innovative music, offers hard-earned advice throughout the interview.

Here is a sample:

Zoe Keating On Rejection

“Do you go back to your room and are you going to be crushed? Or are you going to do it yourself? For me, I did it myself. Now that doesn’t have to be a linear path. You can do it yourself for awhile and maybe then get a record deal, if that’s what you want, or get a publishing deal. Or have some parts of it managed by others. But how do you know when you’re ready? Get your art together. Once you start getting your art out there, you’re going to get nine no’s for every one yes.”

The Importance Of Email

“Email is crucial and it’s still amazing at this point when people don’t use it. It’s just got to be all about the email list and it’s worth the money. I pay for the email list every month and I’m happy to pay for it. When I say email list, I also mean text. I don’t even put an email list out at shows any more. I put a number out from the stage and place posters with the number in the lobby by the merch table.”

Career Sustainabilty

“I’m in this for the long game. I want my career to last my entire life. Whatever is happening right now, this second, I just don’t care about it. Unless it interests me artistically. I might make a video if for some reason I’m artistically motivated to do it. And then I’m going to make a video the way I make my music, and it would be another representation of what I do. But otherwise I probably won’t bother.”


Future Episodes

White will takes listeners through a methodical journey for artists – from recording to release, or creation to execution.

The next episode features Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon in another conversation never intended for release. Says White, “I had the privilege of interviewing Justin while teaching at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute. I realized everything he had to say brilliantly brought to life Chapter 1: ‘Get Your Art Together.’

Future episodes take artists along their odyssey to achieving the podcast’s title with guests Kam Franklin of The Suffers, Kevin Lyman, Donald S. Passman, Patrick Sansone of Wilco, Bandcamp Founder Ethan Diamond, ASCAP’s Loretta Munoz, Ariel Hyatt, CAA’s Akin Aliu, Songtrust President Molly Neuman, Symphonic GM Nick Gordon, Mandolin CEO Mary Kay Huse, Terrorbird’s Lauren Ross, Artists Nikki Hill, Steff Reed, & more. 

White says, “I never set out to be an author. But I caught myself explaining best practices to artists and industry folks repeatedly and figured it could help more people if I wrote it all down. The fact that I regularly see artists sharing the book with other artists warms my heart. Turning the information into a podcast with guests who live and breathe the ethos of the book is a natural evolution that I’m thrilled to share.” 


White is also the author of Interning 101 and accompanying podcast.

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