Engage fans with these ideas for Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is an excellent tool in your musician’s arsenal for reaching fans on a high engagement, low saturation platform by creating versatile, original content.

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

Instagram Reels is the perfect place to post in a less saturated space, create versatile content, and engage with your audience on Instagram at the same time. If you haven’t hopped on the TikTok and IG Reels bandwagon, you’re definitely missing out. Just face it, your fans want to see this content. Not giving it to them is neglecting a whole world of opportunity for growth in the ever expanding social media space. — IG Reels isn’t going anywhere. Need some idea for your next post? Check these out…

Instagram Reel Ideas To Engage Your Fans Right Now

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Introduce Yourself

True engagement comes from making meaningful connections with your audience. Filming a Reel where you introduce yourself is a great way to do just that. Be genuinely you. Your fans will love you for it, and they’ll interact with you more because of it.

You may think your fans already know exactly who you are, but do they really? Do the new followers know your real name? Do they know what inspires you? Why you do what you do? Your favorite artist? Social media can be very surface level. Your fans want the real you.

Be authentically you. Show off what makes you unique.

Tips & Tricks

Another great Reel idea is to create how-to videos where you share your tips and tricks of the trade. Whether you want to create a whole series of Reels where you teach your audience how to cook your favorite meals or how to make a beat, just show off whatever you’re good at.

Producer, artist, and certified amazing human, BIIANCO has a series on her Instagram where she teaches tips and tricks for producers like how to master a vocal sample hook and more.

Sneak Peaks

Engage your followers by showing off some sneak peaks of what you’re working on.  Whether that be a bit of a new song, a beat you’re messing around with, or just plans for your net show, the inside scoop of whatever it may be offers great content for a Reel.

Behind The Scenes

Fans love to see BTS footage. You probably already have it, and Reels is a great place to post it.

All too often, people get lost in the face value social media experience. Remind your fans of your humanity by showing how you are in real life, behind the scenes. FISHER is the king of being his goofy self on IG.

Day in the Life

Reels where the person shows themselves going about their day are perfect for connecting with your fans on Instagram. There’s just something about seeing your favorite artist do their thang. If your fans are anything like me, it makes them feel more involved with your life and makes them just want to see more!

Seeing what it’s like to wake up with you, make your first cup of coffee, head to the studio, meet up with another artist, get ready for a shoot… Everything you do, we love to see it.

Music Videos

Got a new music video out? — Don’t forget to post a snippet of it in a Reel! Get some extra exposure on the release and offer a sneak peak in one go like Dallas Austin did for his release of “No Cap”.

In addition, there are tons of other ways you can get more out of your music videos. We actually did a whole post about it. — You put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect music video. Get the most out of your efforts by repurposing that video into brand new content to share across the web.

  • To help get the creative wheels turning, we’ve come up with 8 types of additional content you can make from your original music video right here.

In the meantime, get to work on your IG Reel game! IG Reels is an amazing way to market your music while gaining new fans, making deeper connections and expanding your reach, all at the same time. Get to work and get creative! The sky is the limit.

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