Personalize your SMS using fun patterns, new cursors

Here, the good folks at Symphonic share of few of the delightfully whimsical new SMS options for cursors and backgrounds now being offered.

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

We’ve implemented new, personalized options for the SMS! Spice up your pages with funky backgrounds, innovative cursors, and create a unique experience just for you. Here’s what’s new…

Personalize Your SMS with Fun Patterns & New Cursors


Background not enough? — Try these new cursors:

Clients have been asking for these features nonstop, overflowing our Help Desk, DMing us on socials, even sending us handwritten letters. We are so excited to finally offer these customizations… Even more importantly, we hope you all have enjoyed this post since it’s just an April fools joke.

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