To succeed, some fans need to LOVE you, but the rest need to think you SUCK

You’ve heard the axiom that to succeed – particularly in music and art – it is important to not try to be all things all people.

Lee Abrams has proof.

Watching his video explaining why is like watching paint dry, but you’ll learn a LOT about your audience

Abrams helped create FM radio when FM radio mattered and his hands guided music in the early days of Sirius XM. More recently, he shared a video that won’t win awards for production or drama, but does a particularly good job of explaining audiences and how they react to and consume music and other media.

Take the time to watch it in full. But here is a key takeaway:

To succeed, you need to pick a single fan group to appeal to and everyone else needs to think you suck.

H/T Bob Lefsetz

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