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5 months after $16B in SBA SV0G grants became law $0 has been distributed to indie venues

5 months ago in late December of 2020 former President Trump signed into law a bill that guaranteed $16 billion in grant relief to desperate independent music venues.

As of today not one eligible independent music venue, agent or promoter has received SBA SVOG funding and many are reporting unresolved problems with the application portal.

As of May 20th, 12,213 SVOG applications have been submitted to the SBA, of which 5,004 were from Live Venue Operators/Promoters, 2,853 from Live Performing Arts Organizations, and 1,411 from Talent Representatives.

Restaurants Have Received Billions

By contrast, $28.6 billion in grants for restaurants signed into law on March 11, 2021, and administered by the SBA has approved so many applications that it is close to running out of funds.

“The SVOG program was intended to provide emergency relief for an industry without recourse,” National Independent Venue Association executive director Rev. Moose told Pollstar. “The legislation creating this program was passed five months ago. That those funds are still not in the hands of venues and promoters is a huge inhibitor to being able to effectively compete in the marketplace.

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