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Apple teases big announcement: ‘Get ready, music is about to change forever.’

Apple is teasing a major Apple Music announcement. “Get ready,” a graphic on the site reads, “music is about to change forever.”

Clicking on the graphic leads a video of an animated ‌Apple Music‌ logo.

The new animation seems to confirm rumors and uncovered clues that Apple will add “lossless” or hi-res audio, and there are signs that the announcement will also include surround sound.

Code references have been found to back up the rumors. In addition to code snippets that mention lossless audio there are also mentions of ‘Dolby Atmos’ and ‘Dolby Audio’.

“It its possible that some songs will be authored in this way and enable a 3D soundstage with the Spatial Audio features of AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, says 9to5Mac.

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