Distrokid claims 30-40% global new music market share, upgrades Splits royalty distro

Self-service music distributor Distrokid says that it is now ingesting a staggering 35,000 new tracks every day.

Distokid’s full catalog is now just shy of 20 million tracks from more than 2 million artists.

That means that by its own estimates, Distro kids is now distributing “30-40% of all new music in the world.”

The company also announced a large-scale upgrade to its 2017 automatic royalty distribution system, Splits, giving artists the ability to update royalty splits between collaborators at any time.

From Celebrity Access:

Indie music distributor DistroKid announced the completion of significant upgrades to its automatic royalty distribution service, Splits.

The platform, which debuted in 2017, allows Distrokid’s artist-clients to automatically split any percentage of royalties, from any track, with anyone, allowing creators to fairly compensate creative contributors.

Now, with the upgrades DistroKid has put in place, artists will be able to update those royalty splits by adding, removing, or changing percentages for collaborators at any time.

As well, DistroKid members will also be able to specify Recoupments for each track, designating collaborators who should receive payments first—before anyone else gets paid.

“Artists love DistroKid’s Splits feature, and have been asking if we could add a tool that enables them to reimburse a collaborator who fronted money for a video or studio time, or provided some other service on an individual track,” said DistroKid Founder, Philip Kaplan. “We’re excited to roll out Recoupments, which give artists even more control over how their earnings are distributed.”

According to DistroKid, about 300,000 collaborators have been added to the Splits system on more than 1.5 million songs.

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