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In-ear monitors: What they are, why singers wear them

If you’re a regular show-goer (in normal times) you’ve likely seen artists wearing hearing aid/earbud shaped in ear monitors while performing. Here we dig into what their benefits are, and why singers choose to wear them.

In this recent post on MusicThinkTank, contributor Danny Mekonen delves into the how in-ear monitors work, and why they’re popular and necessary among professional singers.

“Stages are noisy places. Loud booming drums, a roaring audience, and a riffing bassist are just some of the high-volume sounds. It is tough, if not outright impossible, to hear the human voice over these many loud sounds. Imagine singing in a noisy classroom or office; a stage is a million times worse. Using in-ear monitors is a way around this. It will deliver a singer’s voice to themselves clearly and accurately without being muffled down by the surrounding sounds. Any singer knows how important it is to listen to yourself to deliver outstanding performances; with an IEM, you can do that easily no matter how loud your stage gets.”

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