Spotify’s ‘Fan Study’ offers data-driven insights and how to make the most of them

Spotify has launched Fan Study offering artist and their teams 15 data-driven insights along with real-world action items.

The new Spotify Fan Study micro-site looks at data-driven insights ranging from global listening trends to merch buying habits.

Alongside each insight are actionable recommendations for how to leverage the information on Spotify and across the artist’s career. The insights also link back to data specific to each artist.

Fan Study is organized in four chapters

  • expanding your Reach,
  • deepening your fans’ Engagement,
  • making more noise around your next Release
  • how you can move even more Merch

Fan Study offers insights including:

  • Global listening patterns: 
    • “Latin America is where fans are most open to discovering new music — the top three cities with the highest streams of new content are Sao Paolo, Santiago, and Mexico City.”
    • “Over 80% of K-Pop, South African House, German Techno, and Reggae streams happen outside of the artists’ home country.”
  • Fan engagement and catalog trends:
    • “After a fan adds your track to their personal playlist, they’ll listen to you 41% more. They’ll also look at your profile 12% more, and end up making 60% of all your merch purchases.”
    • “On average, your top 5% of fans listen 6x more than the rest of your fans.”
    • “Catalog streams get a 15-20% lift when you release new music, and 53% of releases peak more than 7 days after release day.”
  • Merchandise consumption habits:
    • “Merch preferences vary by genre – Electronic music and Country fans buy the most hats; Metal fans buy the most CDs; Pop and Hip Hop fans buy the most outerwear.”
    • “Fans in London buy the most hoodies and shirts, while fans in Phoenix buy the most CDs, and Seattle fans buy the most vinyl.”
  • More info here.

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