5 reasons every artist and music brand needs promo videos and how to afford it

Quality music videos and video press kits are essential marketng tools that often seem out of reach for the average working musician.

Thanks to startups like Vloggi, which aggregates user-generated content, promotional videos don’t have to be expensive.

Guest post from Vloggi

When it comes to marketing, your band or music brand is at a disadvantage if you don’t use promotional videos.

The music industry is amazing in video creativity and this can transfer across to brand promotion through video marketing. If you’re not convinced that promotional marketing videos are worth the investment, we discuss briefly why you need them and how you can use them.

There are many reasons that your business would need a promotional video and many forms of this type of video content. Three of the best promotional video types include:

  • Informative video
  • Testimonial video
  • Promotional videos

Informative Videos that educate the audience about your company, its product or service offerings and how to use them; this type is good for tutorials on software programs or demonstrations of new products/services. You could use 2d explainer videos, motion infographics, screen records with explanations and much more. These videos are great for explaining a concept or sharing ideas.

Testimonial Videos from satisfied customers who have had positive experiences using your product and should highlight benefits or experiences. These experiences can resonate with viewers and provide social proof which will encourage them to try your product. These videos are great for telling a brands story and engaging your audience.

Promotional Videos- video used to promote an event or promotion; they should be short and catchy with features like: quick cuts, humorous animation (cartoonish), strong contrast colors. Also, another great way to engage your audience and tell a specific brand or product story.

The best example of this type is by Red Bull who makes very creative videos for their products. The company has made many promotional videos including one where professional skateboarder Tony Hawk lectures at Oxford University in England about his life as pro skater.

For brands in the music industry, this is your time to really display creativity and from a marketing point of view, you could really create a point of difference and uniqueness.

What are the easiest ways to create these?

You can either:

–  Hire a video production company to create the video for you. There are some great options out there that are affordable and have a quick Turnaround time. You can also find many freelance websites like upwork.com who will see great freelancers apply to your project.

– You could use an app like iMovie on your Desktop or device. There are also many easy to use apps that make it quick on your mobiles.

-User generated content- You can collect user generated content from your audience. This is authentic, engaging and provides a higher Return on Investment. You could do this easily using a UGC platform such as Vloggi Studio.

How can you use these videos to get results?

  1. Add them to your website or blog as content marketing and advertising.
  2. Promote it to social media profiles, products and services online (remember YouTube has over a billion users);
  3. You could use these videos as a tool for customer service – you could answer FAQ’s with video explanations instead of just text. It’s engaging, creative and direct.
  4. Focus on conversion. If people want to learn more information they can click on the video. (e.g. The sales page) You could add them in your advertisements and send traffic back to those pages with video content;
  5. You can also create animated videos that are short and funny/entertaining like this: “How not to make a music video”

The music and marketing industry is an ever-changing industry, and one area where brands are at a distinct disadvantage is through the use or lack of use with video marketing.

Three of the best types always include specific information that makes it easier for the audience to understand, engage with, and drives some action. Informative videos, testimonials, and promotional videos are some of the best ways to do this.  

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