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AEG’s Dan Beckerman weighs in on concert industry recovery on CNBC [Video]

CEO of AEG appeared on CNBC recently, sharing what came off as a fairly optimistic assessment of where how the live music sector is looking as we continue to recover from the COVID-19 shutdown.

Guest post from Celebrity Access.

(CelebrityAccess) — AEG CEO Dan Beckerman appeared on CNBC on Friday to share his upbeat assessment about the live entertainment sector as it recovers from the COVID-19 shutdown.

In the appearance, Becker touted AEG’s resilience, telling host Carl Quintanilla that the company’s venues and concert business were seeing “unprecedented demand” as the touring industry spins back up.

“We’re feeling so positive. We have highly effective vaccines, we have restrictions being lifted at our venues, and we have the unprecedented demand that you talked about earlier in your show. All of those come together in a recipe for a strong recovery this summer, leading into the fall and early 2022,” Beckerman said.

Beckerman also noted the company was able to weather the extended shutdown and used the time to upgrade their venues and make them safer, providing consumers with “the confidence the need to come back, when the time is right.”

When Quintanilla inquired if the unprecedented demand would impact concert ticket prices, Beckerman said the company was taking the long view of the business and didn’t want to jeopardize its long-term relationship with fans.

Beckerman also stated that he expects AEG’s venue portfolio to largely be back to full capacity by fall of 2021 but said AEG is carefully monitoring the situation.

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