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Apple Music rolls out Dolby Atmos Spatial and Lossless Audio at no extra cost

There were two big audio announcements during today’s Apple WWDC keynote. The first is that both lossless quality listening and Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio are rolling out on Apple Music now.

At launch, Apple Music listeners can choose from 20 million songs with Lossless quality and by the end of the year, all the 75 million songs in the Apple Music catalog will support this higher quality sound.

Apple is also partnering with artists including Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Kacey Musgraves, and others for today’s more limited launch of Dolby Atmos on Apple Music.

Spatial Audio + TV, Video

Today’s second big WWDC audio announcement is that Apple is also bringing spatial audio to tvOS and MacOS.

So in addition to using AirPods Pro and AirPods Max wireless and some BEATS headphones to listen to surround sound and 3D audio from Apple Music, users can also enjoy it on Apple TV 4K and any Macs equipped with a high-tech H1 or M1 chip.

This includes “dynamic head tracking” which means that the sound always stays relative to the screen, even when the user moves their head.

Apple said that Spatial Audio for tvOS and MacOS will be available this Fall.

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  1. No one can point out a particular song? I can’t find spatial audio described anywhere in music or indicated on any song.

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