Music through pandemic: 5 ways artists continued to adapt, continue performing

While there are many positive signs regarding the return of live music, the pandemic will continue to impact artists. Fortunately, musicians are creative and adaptable.

In this recent article on MusicThinkTank, contributor Charles Vallena shares five ways artists are able to adapt and continue to perform, even as the pandemic still rages on in parts of the US.

“Artists do not only use online platforms for music collaboration. They can also utilize their social media accounts to connect with their followers and fans through their love of music. It is also a more engaging way to give one’s loyal audience a glimpse of the artist’s musical inclinations by listening to old or legacy music together.

Artists can ask other performers to join them in discussing old songs, legacy music, or their respective musical exploits. For example, getting a member of the Eagles and Oasis on the same platform can provide viewers insight into the bands’ adventures in creating their music.”

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