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Emojam, YouTube partner to expand audio in GIFs, emojis

Emojam is expanding the availability of sound in GIFs and emojis beyond superstar artists to more creators and fans thanks to a new YouTube partnership.

Emojam serves as an additional distribution platform for creators through texting and social apps. According to ComScore, messaging apps account for 91% of all time spent on mobile, and Emojam turns GIFs and emojis into digital merchandise for creators. 

With YouTube channel memberships, viewers pay a monthly fee to access unique badges, emojis, and custom perks like exclusive live streams, extra videos, or shoutouts. As part of this new integration, YouTube creators can offer Emojam GIFs and emojis with audio as a new perk to fans.

YouTube launch creators include Kreekcraft, Stephen Sharer, LaurenzSide, ItsFunneh, The United Stand, Ownage Pranks, The Fitness Marshall, Kati Morton, The Daily Connoisseur, FGTeeV, Donut Media, MeganPlays, Treyten, and GrayStillPlays with more to come.

“At Emojam, our goal is to create unique audio GIFs and emojis that resonate with fans around the world, so bringing our offerings to the YouTube creator community was the next natural step,” said Louise-Marie Marguet, Founder & CEO of Emojam. “We’ve seen major success within the music community, so when we started to explore making audio GIFs and emojis for fans of YouTube creators, the positive feedback and the growing number of fans paying monthly to unlock exclusive audio GIFs was incredible. We look forward to helping foster more fan to creator connections with this partnership.”  

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