Guide to writing songs ‘with fans’ on TikTok

In addition to its star-making power as a music discovery platform, TikTok has also created a new way for artists to connect with listeners and develop their fanbases, including inviting fans in on the creative process.

Guest post by Sammy Hakim of the Bandzoogle Blog

Let’s face it, Tik Tok has taken the music industry by storm in more ways than one. Not only has the platform given independent artists the chance to have millions of people hear their new unreleased songs, but it’s given them a unique way to connect, interact, and develop their fanbases.

What better way to interact with fans than to have them help you write your songs? Though there are a few people already doing this on the platform, this is one of the rare occasions that Tik Tok’s mind-boggling algorithm might actually work in your favor. Especially since it prioritizes cool new content with viral potential versus always showcasing Tik Toker’s with thousands of fans. 

Plus, writing a song with your fans really helps create a unique connection that will truly last a lifetime. I mean – who doesn’t want a song written about them? 

For those of you new to the idea of Tik Tok as a platform, here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Ask fans what to write about

Perhaps the easiest way to include your fans in your next Tik Tok banger is to ask them what to write about. Allowing fans to give this kind of input might seem pretty basic, but it not only allows fans to feel like they’re a part of your song, but also gives you a helping hand too.

There are plenty of ways to go about this. You could do a poll of two different ideas you’ve been debating, or ask your fans which topics they wish there were more songs about. Who knows, you might even write something you didn’t know you desperately needed. 

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2. Be a ‘comment collector’

Ask your fans to comment a word on your latest Tik Tok video that they want you to use in your next song.    

Not only will this drive up your engagement (hello, more comments, more views!) but it also allows you to have some fun with your fans. You can do this with themes ranging from something as simple as love to something a little more far-fetched as their favorite kitchen appliance. 

The wilder the ideas, the more entertaining it’ll be for you AND your fans to play along. And hey, writing a song about a toaster oven in your next 15-second smash hit sounds like a good time to me. 

3. Ask for a helping hand

Post a video of you playing that new unfinished verse that’s been sitting in your voice memos all month and ask for help figuring out how to finish it. That could result in a direction change, or an unexpected twist – you might be surprised at how helpful a fresh perspective can be! 

Plus, chances are they’ll be more than happy to give you some inspiration, and might mean they’re more invested in the song’s journey. They will listen just to hear what you do with the song, just in case their idea gets used. 

So you’re not only building a connection with your fans, but also driving up that engagement yet again. That’s a win-win situation if I ever did see one. 

4. Story songs 

Another great approach is asking your fans to comment or message you some of their stories for your next song ideas. 

Not only is this great for your songwriting, giving you some new perspectives to write about, it’s also a rare chance to know a little more about your fans’ lives and what’s impacted their journey. 

Building that sense of community means a lot. In an industry where emotional connection is everything, what is more special than being able to connect with someone on a personal level like that? 

5. Have fun! 

Last, but not least, Have fun!

Remember, Tik Tok is an amazing platform with tons of ways to connect to your viewers and audiences.  With that being said, figuring out exactly how you want to reach your base is up to you.

The ideas we listed above are really great tips. Hopping on the platform yourself and coming up with your own ideas is bound to set you apart, help you break boundaries, and bond with your fans in beautiful ways. Maybe in some ways you haven’t even imagined yet. 

In the end it all comes down to the fact that communicating with your fans and involving them in your work is key!  Not only does it help you create new and inspired music from perspectives and angles you’d never have tackled on your own, but it also gives a special piece of you to your fans that’ll help you sustain the symbiotic relationship for a lifetime.

Comment below and let us know which ideas have worked best for you! 

And most of all, happy toking, and happy writing. 


Sammy Hakim is an up and coming young songwriter based in Los Angeles. In May 2018 she graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Major in songwriting and a focus in music business. These days she spends most of her time in songwriting sessions with artists all over the country. 

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