How to get the most out of Spotify’s Anchor as a musician


Spotify’s Anchor feature is a popular tool which allows for no fuss no muss podcast recording. Here, we look at what musicians can do to get the most out of Spotify Anchor.

Guest post by Sara-Lena of BlackbirdPunk

Spotify’s Anchor feature is a very popular service. Anchor is a Spotify service where you can record a podcast without any fuss. For once, the recording tool lets you record on your phone directly into the app.

This means you don’t need to carry a recorder with you anymore. In addition, you can also upload an audio file if you still prefer the good old Zoom recorder, for example. Next, you can build your podcast episode with ease by using the building blocks and arrange them any way you like.

One new and exciting feature is that you can include any song from the Spotify library. You can either use inspirational music or even your own!

There is also the opportunity to work together with other creators or even invite your fans to the table.

Multiple people can record with you at the same time. You can also feature your listeners by inviting them to send you a voice message, which you can include in future episodes.

*source: Anchor

What is more, there is even a cover art creator that helps you create the perfect cover art for you. We all know how important storytelling is for your musical brand. Having visuals that are catchy can mean more discovery and ultimately more exposure.

Want to know the best part? Since Spotify bought Anchor it continuously works on improving its usability.

This means that if you start with the Anchor platform now, it is likely to catch up even more in the future.

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How can you best use Spotify’s Anchor feature as a musician?

Here’s the thing: Anchor hasn’t been build with musicians at the core from the get-go. However, the are many ways you can use the service to your advantage.

When you are in the process of recording new music it can sometimes be hard to come up with new content ideas. Of course, you want to concentrate on the music you are creating. Having a constant stream of content can easily take a backseat in your mindset.

Although this may be true, it could be a good idea to at least try and have some new content as often as you manage.

Using the Spotify Anchor service can be a great way for you to fill the gap.

How, you may ask? You can take the fans onto the recording journey with you. You don’t need to record hour-long elaborations about your favourite guitar pedals.

Having even just 20 minutes of a behind-the-scenes moment can mean the world to your fans. This is crazy, so many people don’t have a connection with creativity.

Being able to consume content from your creative process can be highly inspiring and uplifting for a lot of people. What is more, your recording your music anyway.

That means you don’t need to set up a special content production situation. Making the most out of situations that you go through nonetheless can be a great way to reduce the stress on content production.

Re-use your release once it’s out with Spotify’s Anchor

This is crazy, so many musicians have a hard time re-using their content once the release is done. On the contrary, after the release is before the release. Being smart about re-using your content can be an efficient way to leverage the work you’ve already did.

How can you use Spotify’s Anchor service for this? You can use the Music+Talk feature on Spotify’s Anchor. Here, you can combine talking with playing music. Of course, you can use your own music! Making the most out of the feature, you can talk through each track on your new album.

Giving the fans even more insights into your music’s genesis. This way, you can even amplify your release more. What is more, you have another reason to post something on social media 😉

Take your music collaborations one step further

In modern music, it is really common to have to feature artists on your release. Using Spotify’s Anchor service, you can now take your collaborations one step further. Since you already need to ask them to make music with you, ask them to get on an Anchor episode.

By doing this, you will not only get access to your collaborators’ fanbase in a much deeper way. You also show compassion and the willingness to give other artists space, too. Values that are highly regarded by most music fans today.

Spotify’s Anchors newest feature: Greenroom

With Greenroom, you’re no longer recording in a vacuum, and your audience is no longer listening on their own; everyone is part of the same conversation. Creators and listeners are part of the same virtual room, creating content in real time, together.

*source: Anchor

With the new Greenroom feature, you can talk to your audience live. Listeners can simply choose to listen but they can also ask to speak. What is more, there’s the possibility of typing reactions or emotions into a chatroom.

Very handly, you can choose to record the live session, making it a podcast episode afterwards. The Greenroom feature offers many ways of including your fans directly into the creation process.

What is more, you now can share exact timestamps. Image a super-fan called in to the live stream in order to ask you a question in an Ask-Me-Anything session. Wouldn’t it be lovely to later send your super-fan the exact timestamp of this memorable moment?

I would be very puzzled if that fan isn’t going to be super excited and willing to re-share over social media.

Furthermore, bringing listeners to memorable segments or micro-segments within your episode can help with retention, allowing fans to quickly jump right in.

*source: Anchor

Of course, your fans can use the time-stamps as well. Sharing their favourite moments with their social group online.

One thing is for sure, Spotify’s Anchor service is one to look out for. Its many interactive features directly lend themselves to building your community. What is more, you can really give something back to the fans by making them a centre stage of your strategy. This will help you gain momentum as well as promoting any future releases coming up!

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