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YOUR MORNING COFFEE PODCAST: TikTok royalties • Hi-Def music • Spotify Discovery Mode debate • more

A new weekly episode of the “Your Morning Coffee: Weekly News for the New Music Business” podcast with hosts Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart Episode is live.

Episode #47 Highlights

In this edition of the podcast, Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart talk about:  

• How Are TikTok Royalties Calculated? 
• Why Apple, Amazon, and Spotify Are Embracing Hi-Def Music: A Guide to ‘Lossless’ Streaming
• 340+ Promising Tunecore Artists Have Been Upstreamed To Believe
• Indie Labels Loathe Spotify’s Discovery Mode – But DIY Giants Are Loving It 
• YouTube Is About To Change Its Terms Of Service, And Musicians Will NOT Be Happy


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