5 healthy lifestyle tips for musicians

As anyone even vaguely familiar with the industry is aware, maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the music business can be a challenge. That said, doing so is made all the more important due to the strains of the job. Here, we look at five tips for being a healthy musician.

In this latest piece on MusicThinkTank, contributor Dean Hailstone shares five tips on how musicians can work toward a healthier lifestyle in their chosen career.

“It’s possible to achieve just about any skill by practicing. If you practice, you get better. If you don’t practice, nothing happens. You can’t expect reasonable results from something you don’t work hard at. The nature of the performing industry requires a great deal of practice in order to develop a valuable product.

One thing I have undertaken is to develop my singing voice. I don’t sing naturally, and playing the guitar is honestly a lot easier. However, by applying myself and practicing daily I am now seeing results that are very rewarding.”

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