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How Black music has impacted generations of musicians

Many of the most transcendent genres from the history of modern music in the US came to fruition through the creativity and ingenuity of Black musicians. Here, we take a look at just how extensive the influence of Black artists has been on the generations of musicians that came after them.

In this most recent post on MusicThinkTank, contributor Rachelle Wilber explores how much Black music has influenced generations of musicians.

“When the Cuban rhythms of son and mambo were adopted by African-American jazz musicians in New York City, it did not take long for a new genre to evolve into what we know today as salsa. The Latin jazz movement spearheaded by Dizzy Gillespie injected musicianship into salsa ensembles that eventually grew to the size of big bands.

In the end, it is very easy to see how Black musicians have shaped most of the music we hear today. Think about this the next time you turn on the radio or put together a new Spotify playlist.”

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