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Today is National Vinyl Record Day 2021

Today, August 12th is National Vinyl Record Day and it comes at a time when vinyl is both flourishing and suffering from its own success.

The resurgence in vinyl’s popularity among music enthusiasts is old news. But new data shows that the demand for vinyl records has become so great, that manufacturing will likely have a difficult time keeping up for some time to come.

“Music is the primary vehicle to our fondest memories.”

Created by music fan and founder of a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of the cultural influence of vinyl, Gary Freiberg, National Vinyl Record Day honors these black discs that mean so much to many of us.

“The objective of Vinyl Record Day is to remember that, whatever we go through on a personal or national level, life has its goodness. Music is the primary vehicle to our fondest memories, Vinyl Record Day is to celebrate and remember them,“ said Freiberg. “Let’s remember our favorite music, let’s remember fond memories, let’s celebrate our good times.” 

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