More strategies for shy singers

Getting on stage and following through on performance can be tough, and if you’re a naturally shy person, live performance ‘jitters’ can be debilitating. Here, we look at some strategies for overcoming natural shyness as singer.

In this latest piece on MusicThinkTank, the Online Singing Coach shares advice from Kalani Pe’a, on how to overcome shyness and a lack of confidence as a performer

Channel Sasha Fierce  Find your alter ego, and become that big, bold, rock star persona when you step on stage – as Beyonce famously does.  And she has undoubtedly grown into Ms. Fierce, she is one and the same now.  Perfect example: this video of Beyonce performing “I Care”.  Maybe that means you need to wear red lipstick, high heels, or a hat to help get you into that power mode.  Do it!  When you practice, wear that item of confidence, so that you begin to associate that item with feeling confident.  Watch a much more subdued and shy Beyonce talk about “Sasha Fierce” in this short video.

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