5 ways to compose social media posts that promote your music

Marketing expert Amanda Dudley shares five ways to write engaging social media content that will promote interest in your music and grab people’s attention.

Guest post by Amanda Dudley of the Symphonic Blog

Interested in promoting your music through social media? Marketing expert, educator, and professional essay writer, Amanda Dudley breaks it down and explains the best ways to create engaging social media content that will help you promote your music and attract people’s attention. If you’ve just launched a new single or album, here are some content ideas to help you get the ball rolling…

5 Ways To Write Social Media Posts To Promote Your Music

Behind-The-Scenes Posts

When it comes to music promotion, social media users want authenticity. They don’t want to get bombarded by several promotions. Rather, they’d be more likely to listen to your music if you connect with them on a deeper, more personal level.

A great way to do this is by posting behind-the-scenes content. Whether it’s a photo of you having a writing session or a video in the studio, these types of posts make you more relatable to people on social media. It also reveals a huge part of your personality. — This way, you can illustrate your life as a musician and arouse users’ interest in the kind of music you make.

A Blog Post About The Song’s Purpose

You can create an engaging blog post about why you wrote your song and what the song will do for listeners. Sometimes, your audience wants to know the backstory of your songs. The more intriguing your story is, the more likely they’ll be to listen to the music in question. For example, something like this:

“After I lost my fiancée to cancer, I poured my heart and soul into writing a song that recaptures the memories we made and the moments we shared. My new single (insert name) will make you reminisce about special moments with your loved ones. Pre-order now…”

In addition, don’t forget to animate your post with pictures or videos and use new music hashtags to make it more visually engaging.


As an artist, you’ve probably already shared your new release with a close circle of friends, professionals, or industry experts. If you’ve done this and the people had a lot of compliments about your song, you could use these “reviews” to promote your song.

Once people see positive reviews about a song, they tend to check it out to see if it’s as good as others claim. If you don’t have any reviews of your new song yet, you can actually get it professionally reviewed by several music listeners or critics and then use their feedback to promote your song.


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Lyric Quotes

Lyric quotes are pretty easy and exciting to create. All you have to do is pick out a few lines from your song, add them to an interesting backdrop or picture, and post it on social media. It’s also an excellent strategy for when you run out of content ideas for your social media platforms.

Even though your audience hasn’t heard your song before, the lyrics will pique their interest and make them intrigued about the new release. Alternatively, you could also pick a few captivating lines from your song, put them on a t-shirt or mug, and introduce them as a new merch item. This way, you’d be making money from sales while promoting your song at the same time.

TikTok Videos

TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users and typically revolves around music-based content. As such, this social media platform is a potential goldmine for you and your song. It’s an excellent place for you to share snippets of your song or just authentic, vulnerable videos of yourself. Its algorithm also makes it easier for you to reach your target audience organically.

Once you manage to get snippets of your song posted on TikTok and it lands on someone’s For You page, there’s a huge chance that your social music might turn into a viral TikTok sound (if it’s catchy enough).

Final Thoughts…

Promoting your music and getting heard on social media can be a long, torturous process. However, there are tons of things you could post about to promote your new release and get your audience excited about it. If you aren’t sure how to create promotional social media posts about your music, these ideas are a great starting point.

Good luck!

Amanda Dudley is a lecturer and part-time essay writer at EssayUSA, a top-notch essay writing service. She has a Ph.D. in History from Stanford University and has spent the past decade educating students. Amanda is committed to creating high-quality essays and papers for students who need academic help.

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