6 work-from-home music jobs that actually pay well

Making money in the music industry can be hard from the get go, and making money in the music industry from the comfort of your own home might seem even more difficult, but where there’s a will there way, and it can even be a lucrative one!

In this recent piece from MusicThinkTank, contributor Caleb J. Murphy shares six work-from-home jobs in the music business that can actually be fairly profitable.

“Find your Big Picture

You have to know what kind of musician you want to be before you build your career. It’s like using your maps app to get somewhere you’ve never been. You need to know your destination. Decide on 2-3 main elements you want to mark your music career. 

Find avenues to income

Next, figure out avenues that will provide income related to your big picture. These “avenues” could be certain platforms (Spotify, SoundBetter, etc) or methods (networking, playing shows, etc). Find several avenues that will move you toward having the music career you want (i.e. your big picture).”

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