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How Scott Orr grew as an independent artist and launched a record label

In this edition of the Creative Cookbook, Canadian Musician Scott Orr, who was able to grow as an independent musician and launch a record label, shares with other artists how to develop their marketing skills and build a better brand.

Guest post from Promoly

Scott Orr is a Canadian musician and owner of Other Songs, a label he created as a launchpad for his music. Scott also runs Other Record Labels, a YouTube channel and podcast series, where he teaches other aspiring businesses owners to start and improve record labels. This episode goes into depth about perseverance, marketing skills and how storytelling can help you build a better brand. 


“I think the blessing out of that is that you just keep your head down. You do what makes you passionate, and you focus on what excites you. If you try to create music for playlists. And I’ve done that. I’ve thought, oh, this song did well on a playlist. So I’ll recreate, I’ll do another one to try to get the same success. And that feels really gross on the inside. That’s not something I would recommend, and I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t work. You know, it’s, it’s silly. That’s not how that song took off in the first place.”


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