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Your Morning Coffee Podcast #61: Economics of streaming • ‘Don’t screw artists’ • Artificial streaming • more

Episode 60 of Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart’s “Your Morning Coffee: Weekly News for the New Music Business” podcast is live.

Episode #61

On this latest edition of the YMC podcast, Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart discuss the following important music biz stories: 

• The 5 Things You Need To Know About The Economics Of Streaming Music
• How Universal Music Going Public Ushers In A New Era For Music
• BMG’s CEO Has A Grand Idea For The Music Industry: Don’t Screw Over Artists
• What Is Artificial Streaming?
• Fans and Influencers Bankrolling Artists Directly
• Spotify’s Listener-To-Follower Ratio: What It Reveals About Audience Engagement


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