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Indie Product Spotlight: royalty accounting app Eddy

In this edition of A2IM’s member spotlight, they’re putting the focus on, the first artist-friendly accounting software to grace the music industry.

Guest post from A2IM from Eddy 

From the same team that brought you Rights’Up, introducing an affordable and easy to use music royalty accounting software tailored to indie labels. It’s time to say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and take control of your royalty accounting management. With, quickly generate precise, accurate and transparent royalty statements that can be easily shared with artists. is the first artist-friendly accounting software. Automate your reporting process and build stronger, more trusting relationships with your artists. Give them access to the artist portal where they can access catalog, contracts, track cost & advance recoupment and download statements autonomously.

More than just accounting software, offers detailed business insights based on sales data, available both for labels and artists via their dedicated portal. Get a consolidated overview of your label’s profitability across all of your income streams and make better-informed decisions. helps you along the entire process – from data ingestion & sales import to invoicing and payment processing. Royalty accounting has never been this time-efficient.


  • .csv-based bulk catalog, contract & costs import
  • Highly flexible contract editor to accommodate all deal terms
  • Ability to import sales from over 100 royalty sources with new additions monthly
  • Flexible cost & advance recoupment bases & percentages
  • Statement personalization
  • Individual artist portal per payee

Let them show you eddy and help undo the chaos of royalty accounting. Visit us at to book a live demo and access your free 15-day trial. Learn More

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