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New features added to Instagram including “Collabs” and more

For all of the influencers and content creators, Instagram recently released some new features to make the posting process better than ever, including “Collabs,” “Superbeat,” “Dynamic Lyrics,” and more!

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman from the Symphonic Distribution blog


With Instagram’s new “Collabs” feature, users can co-author both Feed posts and Reels. To do it, you can invite another account to be a collaborator from the tagging screen on Instagram. If the other person accepts, both accounts will appear in the post or the Reels header and content will be shared to both sets of followers.

Although it’s just a test for now, this is definitely a cool feature for creators.


If you’re an artist who is super involved in your community and looking for ways to do your part, this one’s for you. Instagram is also adding a new, easier way to create fundraisers and non-profits.

The feature lets you start the fundraiser directly from a creation button (the “+” plus button at the top right of the screen). — When you tap this option, instead of selecting PostStoryReels or Live, you’ll see an option to select a nonprofit and add the fundraiser to your Feed post.

Superbeat and Dynamic Lyrics

For all you Reels creators out there, (especially if you perform and edit to music clips) these two features will definitely peak your interest. Superbeat automatically adds special effects to the beat of the music, making your edits easier than ever. In addition, you can try out Dynamic Lyrics which adds 3D lyrics that intuitively move to the vibe of your video.


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To wrap it all up…

These are just a couple of the new features which launched last month. Since the beginning of April, dozens of other Reels effects and features hit the scene with lots of love coming along with them. As instagram continues to evolve, new features like this are bound to introduce themselves. Keep an eye out, because there’s still way more to come…

Now, get back to work!

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