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The music industry ‘Holiday Slowdown’ is coming very soon

Every industry has its slow seasons. Learn about how and when the music industry pumps its breaks for the holidays.

A guest post by James Shotwell of HaulixDaily

The end of the year is a weird time for music professionals, but we’ll explain what you can expect in the latest Music Biz update.

With Thanksgiving nearly here and countless ‘Best Of’ lists not far behind, 2021 is coming to an end. Soon there will be holiday shows, an appearance from Santa, holiday sales, and one or two crazy reunion gigs that happen just before the ball drop at midnight on January 1, 2022. A new year will then begin, and what comes next is anyone’s guess. Will it be better than the last two? We have to hope, right?

November and December are strange times for music professionals, but good as well. Every year, from the week of Thanksgiving through the beginning of January, the industry experiences what many people call ‘the industry slowdown.’ During this time, offices begin to close, unimportant emails get ignored, and professionals everywhere do the one thing they rarely do: Take time off.

Yes, the industry slowdown is an unspoken agreement amongst the biggest names in music that provides space for reflection and relaxation before another busy year begins. It is a cherished tradition that continues in the digital age despite consumers’ constant demand for fresh content and ideas. We at Haulix take it very seriously, and many of our peers do as well. We’ll let Music Biz host James Shotwell explain the rest:

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