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‘Music is Vivid’ helps build a fanbase for free

Is one of you New Year’s Resolutions to expand your fanbase? Well, Music is Vivid (MiV) is a new competition that could leave you with a cash prize and an exclusive feature for your music.

A guest post by Horus Music.

Competition App ‘Music is Vivid’ (MiV) have created a unique platform designed to boost independent artists global reach and help grow their fan base organically.

MiV is exclusively dedicated to the success of independent artists, with their platform providing a unique experience for artists to directly engage with their fans. This experience is provided through an exciting competition format aimed to increase independent artists profiles and provide them with both earning and growth opportunities.

The winning artists will be awarded cash prizes and a 30-minute exclusive feature consisting of just their music. The winning session will be featured 3 times over the course of 24 hours, recurring up to 30 times over one competition cycle, providing artists with the chance for their content to be featured up to 90 times.

How does it work?

Through selecting to deliver your music to MIV with Horus Music, artists will have the opportunity to submit their music to MiV’s platform free of charge. This will automatically deliver their content into MiV’s system and place their music into one of the 8 genre categories available.

MiV have two sections to the competition, ‘Live’ and ‘Draft’. ‘Live’ refers to those selected for the competition and ‘Draft’ relates to artists who are looking to grow their fan following and gain traction with the aim of being selected for the live rounds.

All artists are delivered to draft and then as they grow their fan followers, they have the opportunity to get upgraded to Live and to start to earn.

With up to 16 competitions happening at any one time, each genre features 240 artists per cycle and artists are selected based on the number of fan followers they have on MiV. The competition starts with 3 artists per genre in both Live and Draft who are featured across a 30 minute time window. Fans will then vote for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice to advance to the next round.

The competition then cycles through the top 96 artists to the top 32 artists (2 per genre) where they will go head-to-head until the winner of each genre category is crowned.

How do I get fan followers?

Your fans can sign up to MiV for just $4 a month, giving them the ability to follow and vote for you in both draft and live rounds. Only members can vote, so the more fans you have, the better your chances at hitting the top spot. Fans can also benefit from features such as ‘Build a top 10 leader board album’, Fast Risers album and an Artist billboard which will be available soon, keeping them engaged and in the driver’s seat throughout the competition.

MiV also offer cash prizes, giving independent musicians the chance to accelerate their career with dramatic global exposure and financial benefit.

The competition app is available to all Horus Music artists and labels. Simply check the box when uploading your releases to enter.

For more information, check out the Music is Vivid video

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